CLAAS - Sowing ideas. Harvesting the future.

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Sowing Ideas. Harvesting the future. Tradition and innovation – the CLAAS family company based in Harsewinkel has managed to successfully reconcile these seemingly contrasting elements for decades. CLAAS has been a driving force in agricultural engineering for more than 100 years. Through the fusion of mechanical engineering with digitalisation, the company develops ground-breaking technologies today for the agriculture of tomorrow. Ready to take on one of the greatest challenges of our time: feeding an ever-growing global population. Sowing ideas, harvesting the future: how a spirit of inventiveness and a deeply ingrained culture of innovation brings visionary technologies to fruition – this book tells the compelling story and introduces some of the smart minds behind the ideas through fascinating images and reports. This book focuses on CLAAS’s impact on the future of agriculture. The basis for future innovations is the CLAAS DNA, which is supported by multiple examples from the past and present. This book includes: • Presentation of 30 outstanding and formative innovations as an example of the company’s power of innovation • Synthesis of digitalisation and engineering • Artificial Intelligence in agriculture • Market research and futurology • Frugal innovations • Patents: protecting ideas Auf 208 Seiten mit 172 Abbildungen

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