Austerity Motoring - From Armistice to the Mid-Fifties

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This is a pictorial account of Britain getting back on the road after WW2 and appeals to all motoring enthusiasts. A truly unique collection of evocative scenes depicting war-torn society as seen through the camera lens. Chronicles many makes of vehicles that are now extinct. Depicts innovations adopted by motorists starved of new vehicles and includes publicity and propaganda material. Also illustrates the development of the post-war motor car.Following the Armistice the motor industry was rebuilt providing cars for export. New vehicles were largely unavailable for the home market, and fortunate were those people having pre-war cars. Motorists were determined to continue driving despite petrol rationing and raw material shortages, thus leading them to adopt some unique innovations.Easily accessible record of motoring during early post-war period. Succinct and informative text coupled with emotive images.

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