Cars of the Super Rich - The Opulent, the Original and the Outrageous

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Cars of the Super-Rich looks at the stories behind the world's most exclusive motor cars, from the imposing state Lincolns, Zils and Mercedes of the Cold War period--built only to order for heads of state and royalty--to the vulgar, gold--plated neo--classics that became the must--have cars for the pimps and playboys of the 1970s. There's feast of coach--built supercars built only in handfuls for the live-fast/die young Riviera Set of the 1950s and 1960s; the beautiful Maseratis and Ferraris of the Aga Khan and Gianni Agnelli to the custom built Ghia--bodied Chryslers that became the trademark transportation of Sinatra and the Rat Pack. Cars of the Super-Rich celebrates ultra-rare supercars like the Jaguar XKSS and Monteverdi Hai and a lost generation of exotic superfast four-door sedans built to order for the international men of mystery who didn't get center spreads in "People and "US. The story is brought up to date with the 200mph hyper cars from McLaren and Ferrari.

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