Chrysler 300 Series - Pedigree, Power and Performance Since 1955

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A complete history, in words and photos, of America's legendary 'letter car' A fact-filled, colorful portrait of the Chrysler 300 The most detailed history of the Chrysler 300 available Complete specifications and details of all Chrysler 300 models Contains hundreds of Chrysler 300 color photos Detailed analysis of Chrysler 300 performance and appearance options An unequaled study of the Chrysler 300's role in high performance history. This carefully written and well illustrated book presents the history of one of America's greatest automobiles, the Chrysler 300. Every 300 model's features, performance, options and role in Chrysler history is examined in detail. There are hundreds of illustrations, most in color, of every 300 model, along with close-up shots of their unique interior and exterior features. Highlights of the book's appendix include sales and production records and a review of the new 300's close relative, the 2005 Dodge Magnum.

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