Mercedes-Benz Brand Places

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For the first time a top global brand presents its Brand Places world-wide: We are invited on the journey through Europe, Russia, the Far East, Latin America and Africa. The internationally renowned brand Mercedes-Benz offers in this publication an exclusive insight into the significance of their point of sales as the decisive interface between the producer and the consumer - a place which creates a certain aura for the company and which can ultimately have a great influence on the success of the brand. The Mercedes-Benz strategy is to present its name, its products, and related services consistently in all its sales and service centres throughout the world. This publication documents the multifaceted architecture and design of the Mercedes-dealerships around the globe: it describes exactly how the brand world transforms rooms and buildings to represent and convey the exclusive corporate identity, producing a high recognition value which is so valuable on the world market. Author Christian Marquart, born in,1949, is publicist and communications consultant focusing on architecture, design, corporate culture, marketing and PR. He lives and works in Stuttgart.

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